I’ve spent the last 3 days in San Francisco at AngularU larning about some of the new cool stuff going on in that space. Since work paid for me to go, I’ve put together a post on their blog with an overview of day 1.

…The opening keynote from Igor Minar, Brad Green and Misko Hevery gave a great overview of where we’re sitting with Angular 2 currently. What really came out of this is that one of the biggest improvements that’s coming is speed. Running under angular 2, rendering speed is sitting at about 3x faster than its counterpart running under angular 1.x. The way they’re doing this is by utilising web workers for most of the framework and application code (anything that doesn’t directly touch the DOM) which will parallelize a lot of the framework and application work, removing the bottleneck that is the browsers event loop.

One of the most exciting things from this, is that it means that they’ve been able to separate the rendering engine from the application engine. So angular now has the possibility to become not just an awesome web framework, but through partnerships with people like react native, it’s able to become a full application stack for mobile, desktop and web. Me on Rightpoint.com